Teen Ministry

About Our Teen Ministry Family

Teen Ministry Vision: Our purpose is to help teenagers identify who they are in Christ and to understand their value though cultivating a relationship with Christ and then with others through acts of godly service.

The Teen Ministry is currently looking for new Teen Coaches to join our already amazing team of volunteers! You need to be a consistent and dedicated member of STWCI that is 21+ years of age, looking to influence the next generation and love ministering to youth. In addition, former experience working with youth would be greatly appreciated! It is very important that Teen Coaches are dedicated to living a personal lifestyle that reflects godliness to set a good example to youth who are pursuing biblical principles.

What will you get out of serving and ministering to youth? 

  • The opportunity to build one-on-one relationships, facilitate and lead group discussions with teenagers and meet their amazing families!
  • To gain cultural awareness and perspectives about how Christian youth at STWCI  have a different background than you. We are an international church.
  • To know the latest information about youth culture, terminology and updates directly from youth on a weekly basis.
  • To demonstrate the selfless acts of Christ’s love, commitment and consistency to the next generation and pay it forward.

Want to impact the next generation?? Apply by clicking below!  

(All Teen Coaches are required to submit to a thorough background check)

Teen Ministry Leader: Brianna Hill