Guiding Principles

Everything we do in the children’s ministry will be guided by the following set of principles:

  • Health & Safety.  The physical, emotional and spiritual health and safety of children is necessary to demonstrate God’s love for them. All children’s ministry volunteers adhere to policies and procedures that ensure a healthy and safe environment for all children in our care.
  • God’s greatest gift to children is their families.   In everything we do, we will encourage, foster and empower families as the primary source for raising their children successfully. 
  • Prayer is the foundation for everything we do. 
  • All About the Lord. Our teaching, programs and activities will not be about us, everything is based on the Gospel and it is all about Jesus. 
  • Readiness and Relevance. We will be ready at all times to share our faith with children. This requires knowledge, understanding and application of the tenets of faith for the church and the basic tenets of the Gospel in an age appropriate and relevant manner to all children. 
  • More than one way. Every child is unique. We are flexible and willing to change strategies and approaches in order to connect children with the Lord. 
  • Positive & Uplifting.   Everything we do will be encouraging, uplifting and positive, including our teaching, classrooms and activities. Children’s ministry team members will consistently demonstrate God’s love through their service to children. 
  • Fun, Creative, Engaging and Interactive. The Word of God will be shared using interactive, engaging, creative and multifaceted approaches and materials that are age appropriate and cutting-edge. 
  • Continuous learning and change. Continuous learning, change and adaptability is essential.   All children’s ministry team members willingly submit to the authority of ministry and church leadership.