Teen Registration

Welcome to the Next Generation Teen Ministry Registration Page 2018-2019!

This information is for teenagers and parents who consider STWCI their church home or they are new to STWCI and would like to make STWCI their church home. This information will help us to know that your teenager is involved in the Next Generation Teen Ministry so we can connect with them and serve them in a better way. This information will be used to communicate with parents/guardians via email regarding teen ministry or larger church wide events, activities and services.
Teen Ministry Registration

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Home Address of Family*


Do both parents attend STWCI?*

Is there a legal parent/guardian other than the mother and father stated above who is responsible for the teen(s) at STWCI?*

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Is STWCI your family's church home?*

Are the parents/guardians involved in a ministry at STWCI?*

Is your teenager involved in a ministry at STWCI?*

How often does your family attend services at STWCI?*

Note: Teen Coaches can provide updates to parents/guardians about your teenager’s participation on Sunday mornings at the 11am teen service. Teen Coaches are able to attend extracurricular activities outside of Sunday morning services that they are invited to such as your teenager’s sports, hobbies, entertainment events at your, (the parental/guardian), discretion.

Please contact DeRelle Morrison at 763.513.9424 or derellem@speaktheword.org regarding any pertinent information that would be helpful for the Teen Ministry team to know. How can we engage with your adolescent during the teen service on Sundays? (i.e., special needs concerns, mental health/behavioral issues, parenting issues, specific prayer requests and family conflict with parents, siblings, friendships or social issues)